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Whoa, there are koreans here?

Well then, ahn young hae sae yo motherf***ers!

Yea, I mostly grew up in the states, and believe it or not, it's still pretty racist here. When I was younger, I had to deal with people always calling me chink, china man, or gook. It was hard and I've had to endure a lonely childhood. I also had to deal with these ignorant white people not having any clue where korea is (no offense to anyone intended).

Typical conversation:
white guy: So, like, where are you from?
me: korea.
white guy: Is that like in china or something?
me: no, but it's near there.
white guy: O, so you mean like japan?
me: (sigh) -.-

To stay on topic, my mother is very consevative korean. She only accepts korean girls, and no other. Although if I dated someone of a different race, should would not stop me. She would just give me disappointing looks. My dad and my grandmother, on the other hand, don't really care. In fact, my grandmother encourages me to meet other people of different races.

Personally, I don't really have any problems with white women or women from other races. I don't think they really care just as long as you're beautiful and have a good sense of humor and style. I find these things essential:

(1). Personal Hair stylist. My hair stylist just happens to be a white woman who's into punk and goth. She's really great and fun to talk to. She has a different flair for style than most other people. Besides, she keeps me looking like a gorgeous super model for only $60 every 3 months (I get my hair colored too). I thinking a three tone brown for this quarter.

(2). Workout. This really pertains to you and not attracting other women. You see, having extra lean muscle really boosts self confidence. And that extra self confidence boost really helps in getting the ladies. I think women key into that on a subconcious level.

(3). Clothes. Style is really important. Picking the right watch, the right shoes, etc. really says alot about a man. On a positive note, at least you won't be bored to tears when she takes you out shopping.

My english is really good. In fact, it's the subject I really excel at besides math and the sciences. And I've taken a fondess for things like poetry, playwrights, and of course, philosophy. English was my first language, and I speak a very broken korean. Of course, my parents would never have me major in anything other than engineering, medical doctor, or dentist. But that's an entirely new topic.
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