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1). You'll definately need clothes. I'd say the more physically shaped you are, the less you can spend on designer wear. And definatly get a pair of nice Italian shoes. Italian leather is very sexy.

2). You'll need make up and a hair stylist. You can't be sexy without the hair. All women should have a hairstylist. There's no excuse for horrible hair.

3). If you have ever watched models strut down the walkway, that is how you should be walking. Tall, confident, and shaking that ass.

4). Posture. Most women walk with a slouch posture and I never really did understand this much. Good posture can go a long way.

5). You'll need to develop a sexy, playful voice. I usually talk in two different tones. One tone for friendly banter, and another tone for getting laid. Try not and overdo the sexy voice though but do overdo the playful voice.

6). Smile lots.

7). Touching. Playful touches to the face, hair, arms, or legs says alot about the interest level. If you subtley brush a man on the arms or face, you'll definately get his attention, unless he's a complete idiot.
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