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Originally Posted by Richard
Really? I take it you're not one of those people who are like "If you're not going to France, once the point in learning French". But I do take learning different languages as a good proper way of putting yourself in somebody else's shoes. I still think it's good to know and have somewhat of an education on a language however, only the main language that surrounds me, which are American and Spanish. But do you have plans on going to Arabia? I've seen how they write their language and well... like Japanese I'll never have the patience of understanding.
I just love languages. I speak English (obviously), some Spanish (living in California it's becoming important), a *tiny* bit of Italian (just what I can pick up from my family who lives there) and I'm constantly working at making my Portuguese and French better. I definitely don't have plans on going to Arabia, but I think that it may be something that could come in handy in the future.
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