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Originally Posted by Jacoby
OMGWTF! I just realized what this picture is about. It's so obvious. They were both very hefty about two years ago. Gary (yes, I've named them) decided he would save up money for them to get gastric bypass, but money was tight. He could only offor enough money for Dana to get the surgery. They're still in love, and by next year Gary will have his money for a surgery of his own. God, if you people couldn't see the story of Gary and Dana from the picture, you need help.
Sort of a "Gift of the Magi" scenario. Nice.

I thought it was Fat Joe and his hooker-ific wife. Other than the two Trick Daddy and two Jackass episodes of MTV Cribs, Fat Joe's has to be the funniest. Unintentional...but funny nonetheless.
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