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I don't look like a nerd but I consider myself one. I read books more than all my friends, play videogames (Zelda and Final Fantasy are my favorite, even though Halo is good it's not my favorite.) I think reading news about upcoming games/hardware and become overwhelmed with excitment can categorize me as a nerd. But I'm not too nerdy...a nice median of nerdness. About two or three years ago I wanted to get a tattoo of Vivi (the cute little Mage from FFIX) on my right forearm. That would have officially made me a nerd.
I don't think being here makes me, or anyone here for that matter, a nerd. We just like Keria. And just somehow stumbled upon these forums. So....anyone want to one-on-one me at ChillOut Generic-weapons because I will seriously PwN you H/-\rdc0r3!!!!!!!
I'm only here to remind Brad to take his protein pills daily.
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