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Originally Posted by Hazzle
It was 23 years ago...and took place at Central Middlesex hospital...there was a lot of blood involved and one major laceration...there was screaming and crying...and near death...

Most embarassing indeed...I apologise both on my own behalf and that of my mother...she really is terribly sorry

Anyways, this one is not necessarily embarassing for me but I'm sure it was for the woman. It was two years ago, during my second year when I saw my teachers underwear(she was a women, and a hot one at that so I didn't mind). She was kneeling down opening a box, and there you go... white panties and all(actually that's about it). I just happened to look around the room, gawking... and how quickly qawking turned into staring. It wasn't from her back like a small sneek peak, I saw it from when she just happened to open her legs a little wider than she should have(an upskirt if you will). I'm sure it's nothing for you "guys", but I had to look at her face for almost the entire year. She knew nothing about it. But I thought I'd mention it, as it is probably the only best thing about that year.
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