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Question Legal Seperation=forgetfulness?

My parents recently got a legal seperation and my father moved out. He decorated my bedroom the way Ive always wanted and he said it was because he felt as though he ruined my life. I told him he didnt, and weve been getting along better since my rents seperated...all was fine and dandy until my mom got another boyfriend. She began to make plans with him, and leave me out of them, which I dont really mind because they need to be alone. Follow me so far? Well my mother was about to make plans of going to this country fair that her and I always go to, *every since I was like 3 thats almost 13 years!* and shes talking about going with her new boyfriend, and taking the motorcycle which happens to seat only two. Then when I point out to her that I wanted to go, she seemed forgetfull, and just kind of sat there daydreaming, and said, "oh yeah" Am I over reacting over this? I just feel so lost and confused, and I just need some advice. Please!

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