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How much your mother loves you has absolutely no bearing on the situation. We aren't measuring love in graduated containers here, but rather discussing the repercussions kilyncw's friend's attitude will have when he gets married. Trust me. Having a higher regard for your mother's (or father's) opinion than your spouse's will lead to nothing but trouble. A mother's love can smother a relationship like a python does a rat...quickly and completely.
However, since we're on the topic of a mother's love, lets be sure and recognize that a mother's love, like a spouse's love, isn't perfect, is often misguided and, sometimes it doesn't exist. Reading Kelsey's post makes me sad. Sadder still, is that I've known a few people in the same situation...and worse.
My mother used to give me and my ex all sorts of advice when it came to the raising of our daughter. I didn't follow much, if any, of her advice, because I have firsthand knowledge of what she did to me. I recoil from intitial intimate contact...hugs, holding hands, kisses. I also recoil from contact in bed. I can't help it, but I have a pretty good idea why I do it.
I was brought home from the hospital on January 16th, 1972, which also happened to be the day my parents' two favorite teams, the Cowboys and the Dolphins, were playing in the Super Bowl. My mother used to love to tell people how she knew I was a "good baby" because I just laid there in my crib and let them watch the Super Bowl. I swear to God, the first my ex-wife heard this story, I thought she was going to hit my mother. As you can imagine, my mother's child rearing advice wasn't so welcome in our house. However, the non-stop stream of it wore on our relationship in ways that I may never even realize.
Just because your mother would do anything for you, doesn't necessarily mean that anything is a good thing. If you are lucky, you'll have a spouse who'll do anything for you too. Once you are married, your relationship with your spouse needs to be numero uno. If it's not, get a good divorce attorney.
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