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Actually, the whole 'Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite' story is nothing but a Hollywood urban legend that's been making the rounds for about ten years now (even my uncle, who is a pretty well-known and respected anesthesiologist down here says that he knows people in the business -- medicine -- that simply swear it is true). However, the reality of it is that there is absolutely no merit to this rumor what-so-ever.

I suggest some of you read the book Urban Legends by Richard Roeper. Great insight to some of the most, well, legendary Hollywood myths around.

But, to stay on-topic. I'm not gay, nor am I bi-sexual. Bi-curious? Now that's a different story ... I think. No, seriously. I think I'm past that stage. Someone (a guy!) once told me that, deep down inside, all girls were bi-sexual. Haha. He wishes.
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