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[quote=acliff]I am astounded by the hypocrisy. You go off about how posting bullshit in the pursuit of funny which is off topic, and then you go about talking about having sex with kiddies.[quote]

Which was an attempt to get it back on topic. Note the "My best sexual experience" remark before it...

Grow up eh? Says the guy who's bitter about being banned for 3 days....
Bitter? Pffft...I've been banned for longer than three days before...and as I told Poggs I didn't really give a shit about being banned.

I moderated the thread as I felt it should be...I treated Ryan according to the rules, and according the procedure followed by Apoggy with regards to myself...y'know...uniformity in applying the rules?

Back on topic...what can I say? Haven't had any sexual experiences, and my attempt to joke about it was just brutalised by a bitter Cliffeh...oh well...
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