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Originally Posted by acliff
Having been brought up by Korean parents, I have to say, there is noone that loves you quite like your mother. Others will give you different types of love, but there is something in Asian culture which states that asian mothers will do absolutely anything for their kids. Make their kids become the best, and do the best, at detriment to themselves.
I love my mother to extremes. However, to be honest, she doesn't know everything. She's a little outdated in certain things. So you could say I don't take her words first, instead, I take her concerns first. I've found that there is a reason for parental worry. Especially when you fuck up as much as I do :P
What he said. Plus I take what my mum and dad say as advice, and often good advice...but yeah, don't let anyone else actually make your decisions...use every source of advice and information to make up your own mind.

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Originally Posted by kilyncw
that's what i'm saying, my mother and i have a quite stellar relationship, still after everything she went through with me. i know no one can love me as much as her but still you instill a completely different form of love that i think forms a stronger bond with the one you decide is "the one" and spend your entire life with.
I think you can love someone more than you love your mum but I think she will love you more than anyone ever will...much as you will love your children more than "the one"...y'see? Of course this assumes she loves you at all...which in some cases isn't true...but IF she loves you, she WILL love you more than anyone else as it's a natural aspect of maternal love.

When all's said and done, human beings are selfish beings...we love ourselves when pushed to the limits, above even our loved ones. Not many of us would, if a gun was put to our head and we were told to kill our significant other, in order to secure our own freedom, actually refuse. We'd think "Why should both of us die?"...we might sit here hypothetically and dispute it, saying love conquers all but that's just bollocks...

The only reason we love our children is if we view them as a part of's a kinda selfish love and in that regard one must be careful to take a parent's advice as gospel. Many parents wish to live vicariously through their kids...
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