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Originally Posted by ryan
actually haz, cliff started it.
you may want to lecture him, too.

as a side note, yes, i know its in the rules not to spam, but i really don't see what the big deal is. it's not like the KKW forums are so large that a few extra unrealted posts every so often are going to make traffic and database size go through the roof.
I don't care who started it. I'm telling you both to stop it...and yes, Cliff has a habit of doing that...but when I was on your end I got banned for count yourself is your first warning.

As to your sidenote...minor spam in the pursuit of funny is one thing, and that's where Cliff's initial spam is possible tolerable (although I dispute the humour of it) but yours is just continuing a fight...stop it...KKW forums may be large but they're not a playground for your little childish spats...

Originally Posted by Princess
You suck at the funny.
Whereas you just suck at I've been reliably shush and get back down there, eh missy?
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