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I guess it would be the time after prom. I had dated this guy Jake on and off throughout the years (coincidentaly I'm dating him again now) but we hadn't spoken in awhile due to a really bad breakup.

I ended up dancing with him at prom even though he wasn't my date (I had just ended up going with a good guy friend, so it wasn't a big deal) because I was thinking, "Whatever, I'm leaving for college soon, so fuck it, I'll dance with him."

We ended up leaving together and going to his house. We wanted to go swimming but of course I had a dress on, and no bathing suit, so I ended up just going in my bra and undies...and in the pool we were joking around and pushing each other and we ended up in a full on grope fest in there.

Then we went inside and had some serious sex. It just felt so good to be with him again...I mean, the sex itself wasn't anything out of the ordinary...but things felt so perfect and right in his arms, you know?

So yep, there you have it.
xo Meg
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