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Originally Posted by Jacoby
My parents must be Korean, because I agree with Cliff. The kid (that kilyncw is telling us about) is right, to an extent. No one will love you as much as your mother loves you. She brought you into the world. A spouse can love you, yes, but not as much as your mother (i.e. spouses having affairs.) I disagree with the 'always take your mother's word first' part...but I agree with the love thing.
that's what i'm saying, my mother and i have a quite stellar relationship, still after everything she went through with me. i know no one can love me as much as her but still you instill a completely different form of love that i think forms a stronger bond with the one you decide is "the one" and spend your entire life with.

i wouldn't let my mother choose my friends, she sure as hell isn't choosing the girl i will love. she's tried before haha.

and that is what i am trying to make him see that his mom, and his mom has made a lot of sacrifices for him, i know she has, but still........he needs to lay off the nipple milk and move on a little bit.
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