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Originally Posted by Elijahfan
wow i've never heard of the asian mother thing, my mom goes with the whole "boys are better than girls and more important".

well back on topic, does your friend ever think of the situation that when he does meet the perfect woman that his mother could dissapprove of her and not want him to marry her. would he choose to make himself happy and go against his mother's wishes or do whatever she says even though he could end up alone and very unhappy. when it comes down to making choices in his life he should consider his mother's words as advise but to remember that he needs to make himself happy, not his mother.
I agree. You need to live for yourself, not for someone else. If you do the ladder than you'll end up being miserable in life because you're always doing what the other person wants and not what you want.
I've found you can find happiness in slavery.
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