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Yes, the human stomach is an intriguing body part, indeed, be it on a guy or a girl. It can be very aesthetically pleasing, if you stay on top of things, that is.

One of my best guy friends has an almost unhealthy fascination with girl's tummies and he explained his little fetish to me one night, a few months back. It's the mid-way point between a girl's 'goodies', to put it bluntly. Just a little further up or a little further down, it's a win-win situation, he says. His explanation was really long-winded, and, to be honest, that's the only part of it I can recall at the moment -- a fairly good 'argument' for one of the (much) less disturbing fetishes.

Yeah, some people might think a stomach fetish is a little weird, but hey ... it's better than those icky foot lovers (I will never understand that!) ...

Ohh, and re: Keira's tum tum: I, personally, would not want my stomach to look like that; to be quite so muscular. Mine is flat, but my six pack is much less visible, which I'm pretty happy with (trust me, it's one of the only things I'm happy with ...). But, I must say, it suits her body type well. I think most gals would look rather scary with such a defined abdomen.
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