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Adorable piccies, Megs. Looks like you're having a lot of fun!

I know cross-posting is probably heavily frowned upon, but I've seen other people doing it (always a good justification!), so I'll go ahead and post some of my pics in this thread just for the gals.

Me (and my good pal, Bobby) at a party at his uncle's new studio apartment a couple of weeks ago, not having quite as much fun as Meg!

Me, trying out the transient look (it's vagrant chic, as Cliff might say):

Showing off my new hair color (well, it was new a few months ago. It's back to red/brown now):

Showing off my my new hair cut (which I did myself ):

Me with my new baby nephew, Stephen (isn't he just adorable?!?):

Finally, a random shot of me being silly (that's a huge, fake flower -- part of a bunch that adorn our entry-way table ... I hate them!):

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