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I really should pop by the gals' forum more often.

Some of my favorite hot, young celebs include the following ...

Natalie Portman
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Ludivine Sagnier
Sarah Polley
I think I like Ashlee Simpson (only God knows why)
Avril Lavigne (hey! The music's damn catchy ... )
I used to absolutely adore the Spice Girls (haha)

Daniel Johns (frontman of the band silverchair)
Anthony Kiedis (frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Nick Hexum (frontman of the band 311 ... can you see a pattern? )
Ryan Gosling
Jimmy Fallon

I like a lot of other celebrities, but most of the are 35+ in age. And no one really wants to hear about a bunch of old geezers, do they?

Ohh, you do, huh? Alrighty then ...

Audrey Hepburn
Jimmy Stewart
David Bowie
Robert DeNiro
Christopher Walken
Goldie Hawn
Goldie Hawn
Bill Murray
John Cleese
Dustin Hoffman

Okay, I'd better stop. This is just turning into a "my favorite actors" list ...
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