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a relationship arguement......

this is an arguement that has been going on between my roomates and i for the last few weeks. last night we had it out again my one roommate, his gf, and i are all on the same side.

here it is.

roommate john says that no matter what happens in his life he will always take his mother's word first.

we replied with the fact that even when he gets married, if he will still take his mother's side over his wife's

he said yes

we laughed hard.

he says that no one will ever love you as much as your mother and we don't know what his mother has done for him and whatever.

this is true mothers do provide a love that no other can replace, and mothers do make a lot of sacrifices for their children, typically. but that is their job. you form a completely different love with the one you choose to spend your entire life with.

we are not saying never consider anything your mother says or recommends but seriously.....anyone.......who are you gonna side with when it comes down to a disagreement between your spouse and your mother?

your thoughts.
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