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Originally Posted by Kelsey
I think it's wierd and she should be offended. But that's probably because I have the sense of humor of a cardboard box.
You stopped anyone making a joke at your mean! And yes, it is a little wierd, but it's done to be funny, anyone can see that, so I doubt she would be that offended...just need to see the funny side...if it was meant to be offensive I could see the point...but it's like so many other celebrities have their own songs which're wierd

And you were banned 6 times? Holy shit, are you an idiot?
Yes...he was...everyone who's banned is...except me and Ducky of course...we're just legends

You don't remember our "friend" Therapist? There were other names but that's the one I recall...he technically didn't get banned 6 times, just got 6 different accounts banned (and he told us they were all different people...we always said it was one...we win ).

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