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Originally Posted by kilyncw
i have talked to some girls about what to do for her bday and they're response was "buy her flowers with a really nice note" haha i do that because it is tuesday not for her bday. i feel bad for the girls that don't have someone that cares enough about them to treat the way some deserve.
Aye...true that. Buying flowers, doing nice things, that shouldn't be only for special occasions. And a lot of girls don't have someone who treats them like they deserve...mighty big shame...but it seems some girls like a cunt who treats them badly...

i have an idea for what to do for her birthday, well i am a strong believer that a true gift can't be bought, but made. bought things are nice just not that meaningful. i am working on a gift i call "10 things i love about you", yeah i know i am working on the title i have a month so. but i think she will really love it.
I disagree that bought things can't be meaningful, if you take the time to put a lot of thought into the gift of course it can be meaningful
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