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well i started this thread to see if i was doing something wrong, and i found that holy shit there are a lot of shallow ppl. haha.

honestly i do feel more comfortable about being the way i am with my gf. trust me sweetness isn't necessarily predictible. the only downfall is i constantly have to find ways to out do myself, and its getting hard haha.

i have talked to some girls about what to do for her bday and they're response was "buy her flowers with a really nice note" haha i do that because it is tuesday not for her bday. i feel bad for the girls that don't have someone that cares enough about them to treat the way some deserve.

i have an idea for what to do for her birthday, well i am a strong believer that a true gift can't be bought, but made. bought things are nice just not that meaningful. i am working on a gift i call "10 things i love about you", yeah i know i am working on the title i have a month so. but i think she will really love it.
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