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Originally Posted by Nadeem Shahbaz
if any body read this message.
i do not have her e.mail address so pls send this message to keria I will be thankfull to you all my life.

Keira you are the one that God himself has made for me and I am the one the God himself have made for you. I love you, I love you, I love you so much that in this world it’s only you to home I love. I wish that I have you in my arms forever and ever and ever. Believe me I am for you and you are for me. It’s not your face or body but some thing inside you that pushes me towards you. I can’t think of a thing but only you. I am dying to have you in my arms forever. Become mine.

Nadeem Shahbaz
765/14 Al-Tamash Road,
Dheri Hassan Abad,
Rawalpindi. Pakistan.
That's almost really a creepy, stalkerish kinda of way.
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