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Originally Posted by barrington
I adore the delicious hypocracy of it all.

1. Woman don't want a guy who's all mushy, tells them he loves her every second of the day, does kind things regularly, hangs around and does stuff for them. They want to be independent young ladies.
They don't want to be waited on hand and foot.

2. Women do want a guy who has a car to drive them places, a house to put them up for free and look after them in and money to take them out and buy them things.
They DO want to be waited on hand and foot.

Women are designed to be irrational and make no sense. That's just the way it is.
It keeps us mysterious that way.

Except I don't wanna be waited on hand and foot. I'll pay the tab at dinner every once in a while and volunteer to drive.

In no way should a relationship contain one person giving and giving and the other just receiving.

A married couple I know are having problems because they are in financial struggle. The wife complains that her husband needs a better job because there isn't enough money to support them which is why they and their 3 yr old daughter are moving into an apartment. She doesn't have a job. The biggest hypocrisy I've ever known.

A relationship that works is 50-50.
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