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Originally Posted by Mandy

I never date guys that:

1. Don't have a car
2. Live with their parents
3. Say "no" to partying (What's with that)
4. Hate their parents
5. Don't have a job
I'm confusing. I like random acts of kindness, but don't hang all over me and reassure me every five minutes that you love me. I just want to know. A car is a bonus for me, because I have one. He should just have his liscence at least. Living with his parents could go either way. If I have my own place at the time, then I consider that problem fixed. At least one of us need to live alone. I don't care if he says no to partying as long as he's not a total hermit. I don't care if he hates his parents either, but if he loves them, don't ridicule me for hating my mom. A job is very important. He better be a Brad Pitt if he doesn't have a job, but wants me to go out with him. Also, I wouldn't even consider someone who didn't graduate college or isn't planning on graduating college. I can't even tell you. That's so unnattractive to me.
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