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Hehe...yes...the showing off didn't quite come off for Cliffeh...dropped Ducky's bokken whilst being his usual cocky self and broke a PRICELESS plate

Fun was had...that is, when I kept my mouth shut

Meat was was drunk...not so much...but largely because Ducky and Cliff were such pussies about it...we went to a pub afterwards and they have COKE...pussies!

Hilarity was prevalent...Olek was a remarkably funny and interesting guy...Poggs was remarkably quite intelligent for a northerner...that is he knew how to string a basic sentence together And Veejy turned up and brought sun...although the sight of Ducky under an umbrella eating BBQ was the best image from the BBQ apart from Cliff's plate breaking antics...very British BBQ image was Ducky.

We did some high class research at The Anglers AKA Keirapub (as Cliff's christened it), a fair bit of bird watching and discussions about structural engineering and bras pervaded the afternoon...that and other manly topics like jets and supersonic much manliness...yes...amazingly...even my negative MQ (Manliness Quotient) didn't drag down the HUGE MQ spike with the legendary triumvate of Cliff, Ducky and Olek. Shame on you Liam and Baz especially...FOR SHAME

That's a rather poor attempt at a summary, but I fucking wrote it so what does one expect? I'm sure when Cliff can be arsed he'll write us up a funny report
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