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Originally Posted by acliff
Can everyone stop being petty childish whiny bitches, and stop picking fights. Haz you're over 20. Glare you're supposed to be over 20. Act your age, and stop acting like petulant children.

Can someone lock this before others decide they want a piece of the action?
I didn't pick a fight...merely added to one that was already in progress...

I was going to leave this open, rather than have my pot shot and lock it like a pussy, but I'm locking this before it gets out of hand, on the request of a respected officer...if "someone" disagrees, they can unlock it.

BTW people...a much as it may pain us...Glare pays for the server that hosts this site we're all he kindly keeps reminding us from time to time...and as such we should be nice to him and placate him wherever possible as KKW's saviour...and so that that reminder is borne in mind...I'm making this sticky too.

I'll move it to Wavefront Issues too...that forum is so underused

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