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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Til tomorrow then...what odds do I get that I shan't be welcome when I turn up?
With the benefit of hindsight? :P

The first KKW BBQ is over. People missing from the BBQ left right and centre, Notably, Liam, Barrington, Leonie (who's friend's family thought we might be crazy axe murdering stalkers.... where did they get that idea *sharpens knife*), meggiehoops, Ryan, and co.

However it was pretty amusing time, Apoggy isn't the most terrible person in the world, and yes Haz does smell bad in real life. And I broke a plate by dropping a wooden sword on it. gg damage control.

Apoggy was a well mannered guest, my mother didn't stab him, which is a shame... theres not enough meat in the fridge. Theres always next time.
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