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distant relationships

aight i suck at this but here goes......

i met this girl when i was visiting home, i already knew of her and all that but we went out on the 4th of July and it was great then i we went out again that same weekend. i fell in love with her, but then i had to leave again. i am 4 states away now i talk to her every night for hours. i know she really cares about me too. i went home again just a few weeks ago and we spent every night together and it is great. i am truly in love with her. but now i am here again talking to her on the phone again.

even though we both really care about each other, i'm not real sure if it will work out. i can't do this or can't ask her to do this for the next 3 years until i am allowed to move back home. i am trying so hard to be home permanently before christmas so we can be together.

it comes up everytime we talk, and all she ever says is we just gotta see what happens and let time do its thing. i agree i guess, but i want to be with her so bad.

any tips from anyone who has been here before or has any insite at all.

i hate to say i may just have to leave it and say it was great while it lasted but that just be how it will have to go. i just can't ask her to wait for me, it is too selfish of me.
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