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Originally Posted by DefyingGravity
Ooooh, agreed! Sierra Mist is great. I love it frozen. I haven't had it in a while, though. Most of the time, I drink cold water, but for an occassional treat, I drink diet vanilla coke or cream soda. I love both.
Mmmmm. Cream soda. I had almost forgotten what a treat that is. IBC Cream Soda is my favorite.

And yes, Coke is horrible for you. If you think the damage it does to your tooth enamel is bad, imagine what it's doing to your internal organs.
You can use it to clean battery terminals.
Highway patrol units here in the states often carry a couple of 2 liters to clean blood off the highway.
Put a piece of steak in it and leave it for 30 days...steaks gone!
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