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Official Line From The Management

this person is a pedophile and is need on a banning for the safety of those much younger innocent users
While the staff of the KKW Forums shall do their best to ensure the safety of the members in their charge and recognise that the 'grooming' of children by paedophiles on the internet to be a sickening activity, KKW is not, and never has been marketed as a place intended for family viewing or use by minors.

The Officers, Mods and Admins are not your parents and take no responsiblity for your viewing activities while on these Forums. If you read something you find offensive due to it's overtly sexual nature, that, sadly, is your own problem.

In line with the above, we will actively remove those members we feel to be likely to cause actual harm or acting with mal-intent towards the rest of the membership. We will not ban someone just because they felt frisky enough to post something a little out of the ordinary. It is the Relationships & Sexuality forum after all.

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