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Ok...several thoughts...this thread has most annoyed me.

Firstly Mish, with all due respect, it's not your place to post this, for two reasons:

1) As one who's not only banned, but actually ban-evading, the words pot, calling, kettle, black come to're hardly in any position to talk about banning anyway...sorry.

2) You're not someone charged with responsibility for the upkeep of the site. This matter should be a matter to be discussed on the officers forum by the admins/mods, and perhaps with consultation with us lesser officers (yeah yeah, we're senior to mods...we've heard the spiel ). That way until a resolution is arrived at the person who's being complained of isn't driven away by mob rule. Heck every other time a thread like this has appeared it's been locked...why is this any different?

NO member, no matter how senior, should raise the matter of whether so and so should be banned...mmmkay?

On your points: The vast majority of the "inappropriate" threads were in the relationships and sexuality forum, which for me is the very place to raise those sorts of topics. The topics were not hidden, the titles gave away what they were if you're offended by it...DON'T READ IT. I'm sick of people passing the buck for their KKW's NOT all up to the mods/admins to regulate your something yourself as members. If you care not to read this shit, don't fucking read it. It's pretty simple.

The only inappropriate post, I'd argue, would be the lyrics one...NOT because of the lyrics, as LOTS of the songs posted had equally sexual content...but because of the picture that was initially tacked with was reported, I believe, and I don't know if it's been removed, but it probably should be.

As for ages...we can't know for sure the average age is incidentally, since it'd be worked out by looking at the age in profiles which is determined by what DOB the user puts in. On that point if someone WAS a paedophile, they tend to lie about their age to make themselves closer to the age of their "prey"...just a point Seriously, unless we have her actually harassing a member, and unless that member complains of the behaviour, she hasn't done anything wrong, no matter how offended by her you are...I'm offended by most people on these forums, doesn't mean I'm calling for half the teeny bopper idiots to be banned as they form our demographic, sadly. Oh, and it's RUDE...manners people?!

Oh...and the avatar is based upon, as Cliff's pointed out repeatedly, the Got Milk? adverts which have been cleared for magazines and why the fuck should we restrict it? I had a booby car avatar, noone called for me to be banned because of it...immaturity isn't a reason to ban someone, ok Mish? If so half our membership wouldn't be here...bunch of fucking retards.

Mandy: I'm most disappointed in you, to be honest, because when you first arrived I was very put off by your overtly sexual approach to things. To be honest I thought you were an oversexed horny young slut (sorry to be harsh, but I'll be clear, I've grown to realise what an arse I was for prejudging you)...I even bitched about how you shouldn't be here to other people...yet had I gone about it this way, I'd never have gotten to know you and find out what a truly interesting and wonderful person you are. I'm so bloody grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know you, and I'm SO glad I didn't let my prejudices get the better of me...with you AND other people. I've met so many interesting people who I didn't initially like.

Y'see people have facets to their personality, and hidden depths, and perhaps if we actually gave Martha here a chance we may see more facets...we may not...who knows? If we don't give people a chance, we'll never know, eh?

As for the rest of you I am terribly disappointed in this gang attitude, ganging up on one person. Here's an idea...if you have a complaint to make about a member, first of all do it privately in PMs...and if you find that doesn't work...PM a member of staff, probably best to be an Officer as the mods and admins have enough on their plate as it is, and let it be dealt with in the privacy of the officers forum by those who're actually responsible for this stuff (the admins/mods).

I'm not just putting myself forward, if anyone else is willing to, they can take on the responsibility, but if you like, I'm perfectly happy to volunteer for people to PM me complaints, and I'll post them in full, uneditted on the officers forum for consideration. Y'see we actually do have some threads about problem members and issues that arise...the point being we discuss them behind closed doors before a decision is reached, instead of blatant flaming across the forums. Anyway, I promise to leave them untouched and put them up...and when they've been discussed and a resolution has been arrived at, I'm more than happy to PM back every person who complained with a short message to tell you IF action has been taken and what action...nothing more, no reasons, that's to be a private decision of the staff.

(Btw if any of the officers/admins/mods have an issue with this as a means of resolving complaints, we can discuss it in private, either on the officers forum or some other place...)

I think that's all I have to say, although if there's anything else I'll come back and edit. I trust that my message has gotten through and this'll be the end of this bloody witchunt, as it's pissing me off just how bully boy this thread is. If Martha was a poor little 12 year old, she'd not be getting bullied, and at the end of the day, the behaviour is deplorable, REGARDLESS of the age of the victim. If one person picks a fight, that's one thing, but the whole bloody forum rounding on one person? Sheesh children, grow up!

Ahh well...I've said my bit...adios.
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