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Originally Posted by Dyce_Blue
I've noticed that besides PotC and Love Actually, Keira is never really in movies with a lot of big star power. Domino is no exception. Do you think this hurts her power to draw the public to the movies?
I'm jumping in a little late on this, but it's a little premature to say that Domino is no exception. The only casting announcement we've had so far is for Keira in the title role, so we don't know who else will be in it. Also, you have to keep in mind that not everyone sees a film solely based on who's in it. There will be people who will see it because Tony Scott is directing, and there will be people who will see it because Richard Kelly wrote it. At this point, I think Keira is still building her fanbase, and I think a movie like this one will actually help her in that respect, because her willingness to tackle edgier material shows she's more than just a flavor-of-the-month starlet.
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