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safety for the majority of KKW Users - BAN MARTHA

As some of you may have noticed we now have a new member going by the name of Martha, whom is 34.. (more than twice the average age of most users)
They are yet to insult a member but from some of his/her statements it has led me to the conclusion that this person is a pedophile and is need on a banning for the safety of those much younger innocent users, through out their post they have asked for the following;

Do you lile V-strings?
Double V
Plain and simple!
Extra Cute!

(all with imaged links of course... )

seriously, do you really think this shit is appropriate? how about we keep the chat clean you sick pervert.


The best sex you ever had. The location? The partner? The position? What was the factor that put that experience above all the rest?

is this background research for your next kiddie molestation? what the fuck is wrong with your head, you claim to be 34 but you are lacking some serious common sense go home you old fucking perv.


hmm.. your maturity level is outstanding... well done


Good Song Lyrics?
Views: 1,811 Posted By Martha
"The clothes she wears, the sexy ways, make...

"The clothes she wears, the sexy ways,
make an old man wish for younger days
She knows she's built and knows how to please
Sure enough to knock a man to his knees

i don’t know about the rest of you but something with this doesn’t sit right with me...


"When online, what do YOU do?"

care to share your online habits? kiddie porn? stalking innocent teenagers? heard of making friends with people within 10yrs of your age? dude you are old enough to be their parent

Your Relationship Status?

i was under the assumption this forum was for a Keira Knightley fan based website, not hey are you single, ohhh what kinda clothes u wear, where are you from, what time do you parents goto work, are you alone..

anyway ‘Martha’ please don’t run away and be a coward I would really like to know your opinion on this

ohh and JP yes im ban evading deal with it