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i was 15 and i was coming home from school and these 6 hot chicks pulled up on motorbikes and offered me a lift home, on the way home i masturbated over them, but they didnt see me, so wen we got to home, mum was still at work, so then they came in, and i had sex with them each, 2 at a time, with my tounge, penis, and hands, i was getting busy with there "no-no-mummy-daddy-spots" for about 6 hours, and my mum was in traffic but wen she got home she had to take me to the hospital cos i was collapsed on the floor covered in cum and my penis got broken, but the doctor fixed it, it dosnt work properly, only somtimes, but my current girlfrieds love to have it.

that was my most amazing sex story, i was only 15, so i was only learning, although i did pracitce on my dog somtimes before that, but this was the real deal! it was great. When i grow up i want to be a pornstar and marry a 34 year old kkw forum user / pedo, they get me horney.
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