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Depends where you're from.
American dating seems to be almost exclusively unlike British dating in every respect.

A date for an American youngster seems a very throwaway thing. A bit less so here.

We Brits do not lollop around dating tonnes of people, seeing different girls most nights before proceeding to "going steady", getting phone numbers and generally doing 'dating' the way you Americans seem to do it best. Nor do us Brits generally have women who date more than one guy in any given year, never mind week. I've never met anyone with "two guys on a string", let alone a serial dater.

Must be a cultural thing.

Brits as a whole (of both sexes) tend to deliberate long and hard, pick one person and get really quite serious rather quickly. It's pretty heavy stuff, by and large.

Must be that stiff upper lip. Good for the empire. What what.
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