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i've had boyfriends in the past, and i'm a terrible flirt but i nevere seem to get a boyfriend, if i do my hair nice, wear nice clothes and wear make-up it still doesn't work so i just go out in my normal clothes, jeans, football(soccer) shirt, and trainers with no make-up on and my hair in a ponytail and go down to the park and play football, and i have got boys coming up to me then but they just seem to want to play football (soccer) and i always thrash them! C'MON GIRLS! LOL and at kick boxing i always pair up with this one guy who i have a massive crush on but i just concentrate onthe lesosns and beat him up lol (he's only been for 5 weeks, i've been for about 8 months now) and i think he likes me too, but i don't know because we go to theatre group together aswell every saturday and we're just friends and no boys seem interested then either! i guess i just don't have much luck with guys
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