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Neither my mum nor dad would care whether i went out with someone from a diffrerent race, of the same sex, if he/she depending on what i am when i'm older was older than me or younger than me, it wouldn't matter, as long as they weren't like 19 and i'm 12, my friend is engaged to her boyfriend of 6 months and she's 13, he's 19, they're planning to get married when rachel is 17, i think it's sweet. But i have only ever dated white guys, but have always fancied guys from other races especially blacks and indians, i love them and they are so kind (most of them) i'm firneds with a few indian people and they're really cool, but i'm brought up in a town where you see alot of chinese people and white people and hardly any indians or black people which is a shame because it would be nice to see a wider variety of people in my town. But there is a girl in my street who is off black dad and white mother, she said i called her a 'nigger' when i didn't even know what the bloody word meant! she also said that i wrote 'niggers live here' on her front door, which would be impossible seeing as i was in mallorca at the time and i wouldn't just fly bakc to write that on her doo then fly back to spain! she thinks my family is racist, but its her thats racist, she cals us white chocolate and says we match the snow and stuff like that, she's racist but she's too darn thick to realise it!
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