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aim 30-06-2004 08:50 AM

Keira hot websites
i have made 2 websites one with my step sis of course the first one is just keira and ihave updated it with polls, pics, survays and forums in fun and the nest one is about keira, orlando, johnny and chad!!! and sign the guest book plz !!! :) ;) :eek: :cool: :rolleyes: :D :p

30-06-2004 09:19 AM

All very nice, with a clean layout, I just hate those bubbles etc on the mouse, it got annoying after a short time, rest of the site is good though, move over kkw.

apoggy 30-06-2004 11:28 AM

There is a thread already to both show off your own sites or post other keira sites, you should remember the later, you created it. In future can you contribute to other threads rather than starting a new one virtually everytime.

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