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Moe 25-06-2004 06:41 PM

Well now, time for a little game. The objective of this thread is to post a picture that can eat, kill, destroy, outclass or otherwise own the previous picture.

A few guidelines:

1. Obviously, no pictures that violate forum rules.
2. This gets boring really fast if people only post weaponry. Sooner or later someone will post a nuclear weapon, and that's about it. So try to be creative!
3. A picture of Keira is not the ultimate picture that owns all. ;)

To start it off, here is a piccie of a spider:

Have fun!

Sean 25-06-2004 07:07 PM

Praying Mantis eats the spider.

I wanted to post spider killer chemicals, but that would have ended the game.

Louie 26-06-2004 03:55 AM

The shoe smashes the bug.

Mandy 26-06-2004 02:40 PM

Pfffft. Who needs a shoe when you've got feet?

Hazzle 26-06-2004 02:54 PM

Feet don't beat a boot...hmmm...

Fire beats beats lots of things :)

Pete 26-06-2004 05:59 PM

water beats fire.

Hazzle 26-06-2004 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by Pete
water beats fire.

Errr...quite...which is why I was expecting a picture of water ;) It's "image" wars mate :p

Pete 27-06-2004 02:05 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Sorry - experimenting with attaching pics.... pic will appear here shortly

Ashley 28-06-2004 05:21 AM

Uhh... a big cooler thing beats water.

Pygmalion 28-06-2004 08:45 AM

In the words of Sir Robin: "Tha's easy!"
Person drinks water from cooler:

Moe 28-06-2004 09:33 AM

Bye, person.

amishka 28-06-2004 02:35 PM


Moe 28-06-2004 02:47 PM

FDA outlaws your pills, for they cause severe gigantism of the left toe.

Hazzle 28-06-2004 10:29 PM

US Supreme Court overrules the FDA on an application for Judicial Review.

Sean 28-06-2004 11:47 PM

Drug company pays off the Supreme Court justices.

Pygmalion 29-06-2004 03:04 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Policemen arrest drug company for bribery

Sean 29-06-2004 03:36 AM

Mobster takes care of the police.

Richard 29-06-2004 04:08 AM

Kinda lame, but it works:
Car runs over and kills mobster.

Sean 29-06-2004 04:53 AM

The car runs over the nails and crashes into a firey death.

Ashley 29-06-2004 06:31 AM

A hammer beats you nails.

Pygmalion 30-06-2004 04:01 AM

1 Attachment(s)
An incredibly ugly disgusting female bodybuilder crushes your hammer between her steroid-pumped abnormally large thighs:

Hazzle 30-06-2004 10:24 PM

Croc eats your ugly body builder (and thank God for that) and me while it's at it (you wish!)

Ashley 30-06-2004 10:55 PM

Steve Irwin beats your crocodile...

Pygmalion 01-07-2004 02:16 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Steve Irwin gets beaten to death by an angry mob of Australians for giving them a bad name. "Crickey thats a big fella!" Puh-leeze. What a dickhead.

Louie 01-07-2004 03:09 AM

The police arrest the raging Australians.

Pygmalion 01-07-2004 09:10 AM

1 Attachment(s)
JOINT EFFORT: Erin (me) and Ashlyn turn all the police-and the rioting australians into undead flesh-eating zombies (DAWN OF THE DEAD inspired)

Louie 02-07-2004 02:53 AM

Where's the image?

Pygmalion 02-07-2004 10:28 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Ah yes. It was a .gif file and they don't seem to work. Been tryna find a jpg one. I'm fairly sure this pics from the original-hence why it looks so funny

Moe 03-07-2004 10:29 AM

Zombies get owned by pure holyness:

Hazzle 03-07-2004 02:51 PM

Rather unoriginally, "pure holyness" goes the same way as before :)

Moe 03-07-2004 05:21 PM

Ok.. I know this is a stupid question.. but how exactly does your red X own my Jesus?

Jacoby 03-07-2004 05:24 PM

I see his picture. It's crucified Jesus if you were wondering...

DefyingGravity 03-07-2004 05:34 PM

Mel Gibson makes a movie on it.

Hazzle 04-07-2004 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by DefyingGravity

I knew it'd inspire a Passion-based response :p

Anti-Defamation League string up Mel Gibson

Moe 04-07-2004 11:38 AM

OK, now I can see it too.


Originally Posted by Mel Gibson
I'm getting too old for this sh**

Yes, Mel, you are.

apoggy 04-07-2004 11:54 AM

Shame that the last image wasn't Mel and therefore you look like a bit of a fool


Hazzle 04-07-2004 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by apoggy
Shame that the last image wasn't Mel and therefore you look like a bit of a fool


It was meant Moe? Yeah...last pic was the ADL logo.

Moe 04-07-2004 04:58 PM


Originally Posted by apoggy
Shame that the last image wasn't Mel and therefore you look like a bit of a fool


Hazzle 04-07-2004 05:11 PM

:D Oh...and how does Homer own the ADL? :p

Anyone managed to beat the ADL yet? :cool:

DefyingGravity 04-07-2004 05:39 PM

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