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amishka2 08-08-2004 06:20 AM

safety for the majority of KKW Users - BAN MARTHA
As some of you may have noticed we now have a new member going by the name of Martha, whom is 34.. (more than twice the average age of most users)
They are yet to insult a member but from some of his/her statements it has led me to the conclusion that this person is a pedophile and is need on a banning for the safety of those much younger innocent users, through out their post they have asked for the following;

Do you lile V-strings?
Double V
Plain and simple!
Extra Cute!

(all with imaged links of course... )

seriously, do you really think this shit is appropriate? how about we keep the chat clean you sick pervert.


The best sex you ever had. The location? The partner? The position? What was the factor that put that experience above all the rest?

is this background research for your next kiddie molestation? what the fuck is wrong with your head, you claim to be 34 but you are lacking some serious common sense go home you old fucking perv.


hmm.. your maturity level is outstanding... well done


Good Song Lyrics?
Views: 1,811 Posted By Martha
"The clothes she wears, the sexy ways, make...

"The clothes she wears, the sexy ways,
make an old man wish for younger days
She knows she's built and knows how to please
Sure enough to knock a man to his knees

i don’t know about the rest of you but something with this doesn’t sit right with me...


"When online, what do YOU do?"

care to share your online habits? kiddie porn? stalking innocent teenagers? heard of making friends with people within 10yrs of your age? dude you are old enough to be their parent

Your Relationship Status?

i was under the assumption this forum was for a Keira Knightley fan based website, not hey are you single, ohhh what kinda clothes u wear, where are you from, what time do you parents goto work, are you alone..

anyway ‘Martha’ please don’t run away and be a coward I would really like to know your opinion on this

ohh and JP yes im ban evading deal with it

deviljet88 08-08-2004 06:25 AM

So glad there's mishy there to think of us youngsters :)

Spire 08-08-2004 06:25 AM

Kiddie Porn Dungeon!!!!!!!

Or is it for the children?

Glare 08-08-2004 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by deviljet88
So glad there's mishy there to think of us youngsters :)


Pinkfairy 08-08-2004 06:48 AM

I noticed the pattern too...

DefyingGravity 08-08-2004 06:54 AM

I thought I was just being paranoid by wondering about it...

Mandy 08-08-2004 07:05 AM

I saw a fluffy bunny today.

Sarah 08-08-2004 09:00 AM

Must admit it is starting to get on my tits... erm, nerves.

Martha 08-08-2004 09:50 AM


Only registered members should be able to see the contents of Relaxationships & Sexuality forum.

Your post is a personal attack. Or better yet, take this disagreement private via email or PT? Best of all, live and let live?

You have options here.
1. Ignore the people who make you nuts.
2. Take it private.
3. Attack the post, not the poster.
4. Perhaps…there should be another sub-forum restricted to viewing and posting by registered members only of a certain age. This is the place to post what you don't want the rest of the world to see (unless they register).

This sub-forum could be called members only.


Martha :cool:

Mandy 08-08-2004 10:38 AM

Mmmmm cream cheese.

Narg 08-08-2004 10:41 AM

^ sick twisted pedo..

apoggy 08-08-2004 10:59 AM

Ive been keeping a watchful eye out, although whilst putting all those threads together makes it seem worse than first expected, but what would the grounds of banning be? Now that this warning has been given I doubt she will act in the same way on these forums anyway.

ryan 08-08-2004 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by amishka2
ohh and JP yes im ban evading deal with it


Kelsey 08-08-2004 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by Mandy
Did ya not notice that she's not the only one that said something?

Don't kill the messenger.

If you're referring to "Peace" with the little smiley guy, then yeah...I noticed it too.

Flightfreak 08-08-2004 06:52 PM

u have my support amishka, :fencing:

Hazzle 08-08-2004 08:02 PM

Ok...several thoughts...this thread has most annoyed me.

Firstly Mish, with all due respect, it's not your place to post this, for two reasons:

1) As one who's not only banned, but actually ban-evading, the words pot, calling, kettle, black come to're hardly in any position to talk about banning anyway...sorry.

2) You're not someone charged with responsibility for the upkeep of the site. This matter should be a matter to be discussed on the officers forum by the admins/mods, and perhaps with consultation with us lesser officers (yeah yeah, we're senior to mods...we've heard the spiel ;)). That way until a resolution is arrived at the person who's being complained of isn't driven away by mob rule. Heck every other time a thread like this has appeared it's been locked...why is this any different?

NO member, no matter how senior, should raise the matter of whether so and so should be banned...mmmkay?

On your points: The vast majority of the "inappropriate" threads were in the relationships and sexuality forum, which for me is the very place to raise those sorts of topics. The topics were not hidden, the titles gave away what they were if you're offended by it...DON'T READ IT. I'm sick of people passing the buck for their KKW's NOT all up to the mods/admins to regulate your something yourself as members. If you care not to read this shit, don't fucking read it. It's pretty simple.

The only inappropriate post, I'd argue, would be the lyrics one...NOT because of the lyrics, as LOTS of the songs posted had equally sexual content...but because of the picture that was initially tacked with was reported, I believe, and I don't know if it's been removed, but it probably should be.

As for ages...we can't know for sure the average age is incidentally, since it'd be worked out by looking at the age in profiles which is determined by what DOB the user puts in. On that point if someone WAS a paedophile, they tend to lie about their age to make themselves closer to the age of their "prey"...just a point ;) Seriously, unless we have her actually harassing a member, and unless that member complains of the behaviour, she hasn't done anything wrong, no matter how offended by her you are...I'm offended by most people on these forums, doesn't mean I'm calling for half the teeny bopper idiots to be banned as they form our demographic, sadly. Oh, and it's RUDE...manners people?!

Oh...and the avatar is based upon, as Cliff's pointed out repeatedly, the Got Milk? adverts which have been cleared for magazines and why the fuck should we restrict it? I had a booby car avatar, noone called for me to be banned because of it...immaturity isn't a reason to ban someone, ok Mish? If so half our membership wouldn't be here...bunch of fucking retards.

Mandy: I'm most disappointed in you, to be honest, because when you first arrived I was very put off by your overtly sexual approach to things. To be honest I thought you were an oversexed horny young slut (sorry to be harsh, but I'll be clear, I've grown to realise what an arse I was for prejudging you)...I even bitched about how you shouldn't be here to other people...yet had I gone about it this way, I'd never have gotten to know you and find out what a truly interesting and wonderful person you are. I'm so bloody grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know you, and I'm SO glad I didn't let my prejudices get the better of me...with you AND other people. I've met so many interesting people who I didn't initially like.

Y'see people have facets to their personality, and hidden depths, and perhaps if we actually gave Martha here a chance we may see more facets...we may not...who knows? If we don't give people a chance, we'll never know, eh?

As for the rest of you I am terribly disappointed in this gang attitude, ganging up on one person. Here's an idea...if you have a complaint to make about a member, first of all do it privately in PMs...and if you find that doesn't work...PM a member of staff, probably best to be an Officer as the mods and admins have enough on their plate as it is, and let it be dealt with in the privacy of the officers forum by those who're actually responsible for this stuff (the admins/mods).

I'm not just putting myself forward, if anyone else is willing to, they can take on the responsibility, but if you like, I'm perfectly happy to volunteer for people to PM me complaints, and I'll post them in full, uneditted on the officers forum for consideration. Y'see we actually do have some threads about problem members and issues that arise...the point being we discuss them behind closed doors before a decision is reached, instead of blatant flaming across the forums. Anyway, I promise to leave them untouched and put them up...and when they've been discussed and a resolution has been arrived at, I'm more than happy to PM back every person who complained with a short message to tell you IF action has been taken and what action...nothing more, no reasons, that's to be a private decision of the staff.

(Btw if any of the officers/admins/mods have an issue with this as a means of resolving complaints, we can discuss it in private, either on the officers forum or some other place...)

I think that's all I have to say, although if there's anything else I'll come back and edit. I trust that my message has gotten through and this'll be the end of this bloody witchunt, as it's pissing me off just how bully boy this thread is. If Martha was a poor little 12 year old, she'd not be getting bullied, and at the end of the day, the behaviour is deplorable, REGARDLESS of the age of the victim. If one person picks a fight, that's one thing, but the whole bloody forum rounding on one person? Sheesh children, grow up!

Ahh well...I've said my bit...adios.

Mandy 08-08-2004 08:25 PM

My cat's breath smells like cat food.

Martha 08-08-2004 08:30 PM

whoa, everybody. No personal attacks. Criticize ideas not the person. Martha.

barrington 08-08-2004 08:51 PM

Official Line From The Management

this person is a pedophile and is need on a banning for the safety of those much younger innocent users
While the staff of the KKW Forums shall do their best to ensure the safety of the members in their charge and recognise that the 'grooming' of children by paedophiles on the internet to be a sickening activity, KKW is not, and never has been marketed as a place intended for family viewing or use by minors.

The Officers, Mods and Admins are not your parents and take no responsiblity for your viewing activities while on these Forums. If you read something you find offensive due to it's overtly sexual nature, that, sadly, is your own problem.

In line with the above, we will actively remove those members we feel to be likely to cause actual harm or acting with mal-intent towards the rest of the membership. We will not ban someone just because they felt frisky enough to post something a little out of the ordinary. It is the Relationships & Sexuality forum after all.

If you don't like it, don't click it.

MarkOB 08-08-2004 10:40 PM

Could I make a suggestion?

Isn't it unlikely that anyone trying to 'groom' young children or act out strange fantasies on this board would actually parade their age as much as the person in question has done?

I'm most worried by this thread and what it implies about certain people. But I think, looking at their responses, that the administrators and moderators are well prepared for all of this and they can be trusted to deal with it all.

My belief is that we should not worry about this too much, but keep up our guard so that if we are suspicious of activity by individual members we should report it in a private post to a moderator perhaps, and not make such a song and dance about it as has happened here.

Does that make sense?

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