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Stormbringer 29-07-2004 11:19 PM

A Very Old Pencil Drawing I Did
I dug some of old artwork out recently, most of which isn't very good at all. I kind of liked this old pencil drawing of a woman I did a long time ago. It isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination( Back then, I wasn't that good at faces or bodies), but I still liked it better than the rest of my old stuff.

Renegade 29-07-2004 11:36 PM

Nice touch with the reflection. Outstanding work once again :) .

Richard 29-07-2004 11:47 PM

Nice bust work. Or is it cleavage?

deviljet88 30-07-2004 09:32 AM

Can't figure what that circle thing near the woman's breasts are. I thought it was a third one, but that can't be right...

Stormbringer 30-07-2004 11:35 AM

Actually, deviljet88, the "circle thing" is her shoulder which is coming in from her clavicle. I had done a higher contrast line for her breasts and shoulder. Thank you for your comment. Thank you Richard and Renegade for your comments as well.

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