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nightNwhitesatin 18-09-2008 04:03 AM

What types of roles do you visualize Miss Knightley In?
What types of roles do you visualize Miss Knightley In?
Please explain what genre and why you feel this way if the genre is not displayed in the 4 options via post. You don't realize that "the public" will pay $ to see their favorite star in the type of role they would like them to be in, therefore The more you vote or post the better Miss Knightley will know how to grow and build a bigger audience and fan base. This will in turn help her make more $ and have more movie offers, provided there is at least a good script, a good director and a good director of photography (Yes there is a difference).

I say Action adventure because I haven't even seen anything except Domino and Pirates. To me Pirates was ok but Domino was high keyed in your face entertainment and the Ridley Brothers are Fantastic. Besides that The role of Domino manifested Tremendous sophistication more so than Pirates, as well as gave the point of view that females were more sophisticated in Domino but in Pirates females were rarely more sophisticated than fainting to stop men from fighting, which is not so sophisticated in my view. Sure the scene where she pulled the gun on the what was it new acting governor of port royal? What a very short scene for her to display the female persona of witty and skilled. The Ridley Brothers have the rare ability to Turn a normal film into a work of art via their type of directing, visualization and effects, as well as how they pre-visualize and personally direct the characters. Jerry Bruckheimer is just a well informed man with too much technology and capitol at his disposal, not a visionary. Dry stolen Ideas from film to television. No work of art there (from my viewpoint) besides the special effects of the "Flying dutchman" which is also a pipe tobacco based on the myth of the flying Dutchman and his ship. My Dad smoked it for a while.

Ian Fleming of the 21st Century

canadiangirl<3 19-09-2008 03:21 AM

I think Keira should try doing another action moviethepokeofzoro!
but only if she got a really good roll such as Angelina Jolie did in wanted ..but ya something cool like that :)

nightNwhitesatin 19-09-2008 03:52 AM

My sentiments exactly! Thank you for your vote and reply.
My sentiments exactly, not only that but you took the words from my mouth and mind. Thank you for your vote and reply. However my script makes Wanted look like a milk carton kid or a "red headed step child" Because you can't bend the trajectory of a bullet at all. It is Impossible. The velocity of the bullet is so fast that no matter if Bruce Lee or Jet Li were "Twisting their wrists" (I view them as fast and real fighters that learned from a young age) they wouldn't be fast enough. In fact if you put a gun on a robot and have it replicate those scenes of bending the path of the bullet it would be impossible. I base my script on reality for the most part. However due to a former C.I.A. agents comments have shown me the only way to make a bullet change trajectory. If she accepts my script I would be happy to let her perform a scene that is based in realizm and not fantasy involving changing the trajectory of a bullet. A film to educate people and more. However the Lead role will changed the bullet's trajectory first then teach her character how to do it. Yes my script has a male as the lead role however there is a female character that has been sent to assassinate the lead role and fails. If she accepts the script then later they join forces, if not then they won't (which is how it is written now). Sounds more simple than it is played out but it plays out professionally. I have decided to spice up the script a bit as far as fighting and chases so it may run more than 120 minutes but I know it's not wise to try to keep an audience forever. Ha Ha some directors, they are a joke.

21st Century Ian Fleming

nightNwhitesatin 19-09-2008 07:47 PM

I wonder if it was someone's management or competition that voted 17-1800s role
Either it is competition or management or someone in love with the idea of seeing her in the same stuff she's been doing. Wakatanai-Japanese for I don't understand. Why would they vote this way? I will agree with her to Diversify in her roles. To build a bigger audience and fanbase. That will also insure that she doesn't experience this typecasting mess her Manager has put her in, maybe I'm off there but I doubt it because most people have their price so others can buy them and manipulate their way of doing things.

Ian Fleming of the 21st Century
Not spell checking this got to go

superman1980 20-09-2008 03:02 AM

keira knightley would be hot as a bond girl. let's face it we all know she can be bad ass but can she be a spy.

nightNwhitesatin 20-09-2008 10:58 PM

She did well as a bounty hunter so she will do well as a spy, hopefully in my film.
When she yelled "Put your fucking weapon down" (In Domino). That is all it took for me to see how she could portray a spy easily. This is because a spy is either 1 calm 2 beaten up or 3 very mad. Mostly a spy is calm and rarely are they confused. Besides a spy is a bounty hunter with a license to kill and a lot more training.

Her portral of the character in Domino was an inspiration for a role I wrote and hopefully she can accept because she is more than able to act or to be a spy. I doubt she will be in it but who knows, she may like the cutting edge script.

No one is going to understand this but I will say it anyway, A Bond film is beneath her because the scripts are not as good as they were when Sean Connery or Roger Moore were bond, this is because they are not using Ian Fleming material. Yes my film is better than a Bond film because my film is more realistic less fantasy and portrays the females, more often than other films, more skillful and intelligent than the Lead role (male) at times. I think that the Bond scripts really died when they ran out of actual Ian Fleming books to film. Anyone will agree (that has read the books by Ian Fleming) that Goldfinger was much better and even written better than Goldeneye. Yes it was shot on a grand scale but it doesn't even come close to the work of art Goldfinger is, nor will they ever make a Bond film as good as Goldfinger is. Their main producer died and none of the original directors are involved, not even the music composer John Barry. Not Q. It only has the razzle dazzle that makes it still interesting. The only reason Casino Royale was so good was because it was the last IAN FLEMING BOOK LEFT TO FILM. I own ever Ian Fleming book, my Dad owned every Ian Fleming book before they became movies. I know what I am talking about and now let me show you why. Ian was quite different. I invite any of you to read the book versions of the Bond stories in the Ian Fleming books and then to compare to the movie. The books are actually better than the movie most of the time. Besides that look at what happened to those that played in the Bond films as Bond girls and where their careers went. You would be surprised. They had great careers before that and after no one would touch them most of the time. The only acception to this rule is Talisa Soto in Licensed to Kill and Jill Saint John in Diamonds are forever. Even oh what is her name, Ursela Endress was taking slap stick comedy after she posed for a playboy picture after the Dr. No shoot was over. Usually they exploit them as much as they can be exploited in real life.
Ian Fleming of the 21st Century

ulasoc 21-09-2008 09:51 AM

i dont want to see her in bond films. she doesnt deserve to be girl for 1 night to make love. character of Bond girls based on that. I like to see her as a kind lady and she must represent good family girls

nightNwhitesatin 21-09-2008 06:00 PM

A Spy is a bounty hunter with a license to kill and much more training She can do it.
One of my family members were a spy, they were very kind. No he didn't kill anyone but after the Matador with Pierce Brosnan who can say an assassin or spy can't be kind while being objective about their job. My role for the main character starts off like the Bond Character but becomes the opposite of a womanizer. Something happens in his life to make him change. Therefor this character doesn't throw females away like a used tissue. This character keeps the same female for the future films as his companion because like Feona in USA's Burn Notice the female role is just as smart and skillful as the male lead. Oh and the only other female to have a career to survive a Bond Role is Hallie Barry. Not that she is turning out film after film. The girl in Casino Royale might have made a few movie I don't know about because she is French. But yes Ian Fleming wrote very derogatory roles for females. I on the other hand don't. That is why she should be in an action adventure in a role as a skillful spy that the lead role admires their abilities and heart so much that he stays with her throughout all the future movies. This is why if Miss Knightley won't be in it then he will womanize until he finds someone special so he would end up lonely after the 1st film. I do this because the actress in the female role will have to be someone that the public would like. Now as far as this good family girl role stuff, that is something that would put her career in a box that cannot be reopened for 10 years. In other words if you want to see Miss Knightley in the same role she COULD BE TYPECAST (Stuck in the same type of role because of how Hollywood views her) FOR TEN YEARS! That is unreal but quite possible in the career of an actor/actress. See most who have voted can see that she should diversify which doesn't leave a good action adventure out. Thank you all for all your votes.

21st Century Ian Flemng

sliehdkzyx 23-09-2008 05:12 PM

I think he's right
I think that if 007 were not a male character she could replace him. I think she could have her own Jason Borne like trillogy only she would be the main character. Maybe even break off like Electra did from Daredevil. That would be very cool. But a bond girl I don't it believe would be good for her because they are not parts that demand respect nor does it put females into a good sterotypical catagory.

Ian 24-09-2008 10:38 AM

I'd like to see her in a Western as a saloon gal! She'd look great in a long 19th century dress -- very sexy!

Also, I'd like to see her in a zombie film, being chased by hordes of marauding zombies!

ulasoc 28-09-2008 08:28 PM

as a result she should play leading role but figurant and in short part of films. She deserve best

dave 29-09-2008 10:51 AM

You're so full of it!

I give you Carole Bouquet from "For Your Eyes Only"...


Partial filmography from Wikipedia

* That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)
* Il Cappotto di Astrakan (1979)
* Buffet froid (1979)
* Blank Generation (1980)
* For Your Eyes Only (1981)
* Bingo Bongo (1982)
* Der Tag der Idioten (1982)
* Mystère (1983)
* Le Bon roi Dagobert (1984)
* Rive droite, rive gauche (1984)
* Nemo (1984)
* Spécial police (1985)
* Double messieurs (1986)
* La Coda del diavolo (1986)
* Jenatsch (1987)
* New York Stories (1989)
* Trop belle pour toi (1989)
* Bunker Palace Hôtel (1989)
* Donne con le gonne (1991)
* Tango (1993)
* A Business Affair (1994)
* Grosse fatigue (1994)
* Poussières d'amour - Abfallprodukte der Liebe (1996)
* Lucie Aubrac (1997)
* En plein coeur (1998)
* Un pont entre deux rives (1999)
* Wasabi (2001)
* Embrassez qui vous voudrez (2002)
* Blanche (2002)
* Bienvenue chez les Rozes (2003)
* Feux rouges (2004)
* Les Fautes d'orthographe (2004)
* Nordeste (2005)
* Travaux, on sait quand ça commence... (2005)
* L'Enfer (2005)
* Le Rouge et Le Noir (1997)


* Sex & the City episode An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux (2004)

and as for the non Ian Fleming Bonds, check out "The Man From Barbarossa"


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hodder & Stoughton British hardcover edition.
Author John Gardner
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series James Bond
Genre(s) Spy novel
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton
Publication date 1991
Media type Print (Hardcover and Paperback)
ISBN ISBN 034053124X
Preceded by Brokenclaw
Followed by Death is Forever

The Man from Barbarossa, first published in 1991, was the eleventh novel by John Gardner featuring Ian Fleming's secret agent, James Bond. Carrying the Glidrose Publications copyright, it was first published in the United Kingdom by Hodder & Stoughton and in the United States by Putnam.

More so than any previous Bond novel before, The Man from Barbarossa acknowledges then-current real-life world events. The story begins in January 1991 just prior to the end of the Persian Gulf War, and later includes a description of the early stage of the war against Iraq. No reference to the end of the conflict is made, however, suggesting the manuscript may have been completed before the war's end. Gardner also predicted that hardliners within the Soviet Union might attempt a coup against the government, which did occur later in 1991 but under different circumstances. The book also strongly suggests that the Cold War was soon to end, which did occur that year in December.

John Gardner has stated on many occasions that of the 007 novels he wrote, this is his favourite because it was different and had a more creative approach than all his previous attempts. Additionally, Gardner believes that of all his novels, this was also Glidrose's favourite as well, although the American publishers took a strong disliking to it. Critics had a mixed reaction with many feeling it was one of Gardner's lesser Bond novels. Additionally, many were quick to point out shared similarities in the novel's plot with Icebreaker, Gardner's third 007 novel

Plot summary

The Man from Barbarossa begins with a prelude that includes some background information on the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union codenamed Operation Barbarossa, the massacre at Babi Yar that occurred not long after, and information on Josif Voronstov, a fictional character said to be a deputy of real-life Paul Blobel who was primarily responsible for the massacre.

When the story begins, an elderly American living in New Jersey is kidnapped by a Russian terrorist group called the Scales of Justice. The man, Joel Penderek, was captured under the belief that he is Josif Voronstov, the war criminal partially responsible for the massacre at Babi Yar. The group demands the Soviet government put the man on trial for his crimes, and begins murdering government officials when leaders refuse and are slow to react. The situation is slightly more complicated as the CIA and the Mossad believe Voronstov to be a man located in Florida who they had under surveillance.

Captain James Bond is partnered with an Israeli Mossad agent, Pete Natkowitz, and two agents from the French Secret Service, Henri Rampart and Stephanie Adoré. They are assigned to work with Bory Stepakov and his assistant Nina Bibikova from the KGB to infiltrate the Scales of Justice posing as a TV crew so as to discover their real motive. Accomplishing this, they learn that the group plans to sabotage perestroika and supply Iraq with nuclear weapons before the United Nations-led coalition invades.

The man behind the Scales of Justice, General Yevgeny Yuskovich, is a cousin of Josif Voronstov who is identified as Joel Penderek. The trial was staged in order to shift focus away from Yuskovich's other plans.

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