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barrington 29-10-2007 11:32 PM

Forum Guidelines - Read This First
Congratulations on passing the rigorous selection tests and being accepted for a commission on the illustrious Forums! Please digest this simple eight-point plan to make the most of your time here:
1. One account per user.

2. Enjoy yourself; these forums are provided for your entertainment! Show good sportsmanship, take everything with a pinch of salt and you’ll get along great.

3. Taking advantage of drunk Administrators for personal gain is generally frowned upon.

4 .This is an English speaking board. All posts in a foreign language will be deleted. We appreciate English might not be your native tounge... but you might learn some, you never know.

5. Respect the decisions and recommendations of the forum leaders. Their response to antisocial behavior is discretionary yet fair. We don’t encounter much trouble here but heeding their advice is always wise. If you disagree then you are welcome to start your own forum elsewhere.

6. Signatures are not to exceed 300x70px, Avatars must not be animated.

7. New recruits should post an introductory message in the Newcomers Forum so we can officially welcome you to the community.

8. Female members are required to write ‘I <3 KKW’ on their chest with makeup, posting a picture of their efforts in their appropriate welcome thread. Nipples optional but encouraged.

9. Swearing is fucking mandatory, as is huge throbbing sexual innuendo.

10. Every year in London the administrators host a barbecue, the 'OMGWTFKKWBBQ' and you're invited! Watch out for threads in General Discussions.

Once again, welcome to a lifetime of joyous frivolity on - all that remains now is to get stuck in, tell us who you are and begin posting.

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