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Salocin Deslunes 23-07-2004 01:42 PM

[reposted] Keira Knightley Slideshow

Patmol 23-07-2004 02:05 PM

That's a good video :) , just on the end, the text is not very indicator :spy:

Narg 23-07-2004 03:01 PM

yeah, i liked it, the music suits :D. can u tell me the name of that piece ?

johnnyboy 24-07-2004 04:02 AM

Nice vid man, like the Love Actually music you put on it, one question though, did you use an Apple computer?

Salocin Deslunes 24-07-2004 07:25 PM

I didn't use an apple computer, i just used windows video maker, that's all, nothing too hard. :)

Vertical Vortex 25-07-2004 09:18 AM

The music is from the Love Actually OST named 'Glasgow love theme'

It looks nice, and that with Windows Movie Maker... you have to try After Effects some time... that really open some doors ;)

Flightfreak 25-07-2004 10:36 AM

wow, like the movie, nice work Salocin Deslunes :)

Salocin Deslunes 28-07-2004 09:16 AM

Cool Flightfreak, also from belgium ;)

KeirazBabe 29-07-2004 02:22 PM

Aww wow love the first movie you made :D however when i copy n paste the new link it says the page is not found on lycos?


Salocin Deslunes 02-08-2004 12:44 PM

It shouldn't say that.

Julespaxton 02-08-2004 02:05 PM

how do i view it?

Salocin Deslunes 02-08-2004 02:26 PM

copy paste link in adress box.

Justin 02-08-2004 02:37 PM

Dont copy the link that has dots in it (...), cause that doesnt work.
RightClick on the link > Properties > Address: Copy the link thats behind it... :)

Julespaxton 02-08-2004 02:50 PM

still not working...

Justin 02-08-2004 03:11 PM

lol uhm, rightclick on the link > save target as?

Salocin Deslunes 02-08-2004 05:23 PM

U sure you got windows media tho?

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