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Mandy 07-06-2007 09:02 PM

What do YOU want?!
So I'm ebaying for this little gem at the moment:

If I don't get it, I will cry. Unfortunately, there is lots and lots of time before the auction is over, so I most likely won't. I may settle for the 8mp rather than the 10. It depends on what the bidding is like.

It's so beautiful-

What are the things you guys are currently wanting to buy?
(I couldn't find this type of thread anywhere and I can't be arsed to look for it if I don't know what it's called :p)

michael22 07-06-2007 09:47 PM

I currently want............
as well as the Crecy sword
though three thousand dollars for my europe trip next summer would not be bad.

Ranman 07-06-2007 09:49 PM

I want Mandy

Fiirdraak 07-06-2007 09:52 PM

New PC would be cool. A dual core processor, something like 256mb graphics card and 2 to 3 GBs of RAM. A new Wacom, one of the intuous series, preferably the A4+ size square tablet. New screen, flat LCD widescreen (ok, the wacom tablet would then be a normal dimension A4). Sony Bravia faltscreen TV would be nice too. And french fries and kebab for dinner.

Digital_Ice 08-06-2007 12:22 AM

Mandy. the 400d is an awesome camera. the lenses are fucking expensive though


Originally Posted by Ranman (Post 76485)
I want Mandy

hands off...she's mine :p

michael22 08-06-2007 12:26 AM

Ice stop stealing all the women of KKW.

Ranman 08-06-2007 12:33 AM


Originally Posted by Digital_Ice
hands off...she's mine :p

why would she want a stuffed arse brit?

Mandy 08-06-2007 12:45 AM

It's better than a slack-jawed New Yorker.

Ranman 08-06-2007 12:54 AM

hahaha, love ya sweetheart

Pygmalion 08-06-2007 01:36 AM

Well I want:

But in order to be able to play it when it comes out I need:


Digital_Ice 08-06-2007 01:41 AM

wow.. thats an old photo of a ps3 lol.

i want;

Pygmalion 08-06-2007 01:44 AM


Originally Posted by Digital_Ice (Post 76510)
wow.. thats an old photo of a ps3 lol.

Haha I liked it because its silver.

Bullets19 08-06-2007 01:51 AM

I would just like some good old money.

Porcelain_Doll 08-06-2007 03:04 PM

I told you this thread would explode with posts if you started it...

I want this book.

This one too.

I'm currently really into morbid romantic novels. Go figure.

Oh, and tickets for the Opera. "Carmen" is showing at the theatre and mum and I are dying to go...but it may be too expensive. :/

hasselbrad 08-06-2007 03:09 PM

I want all my shit that burned up back.
They don't make the N90s anymore, though I see new ones online for $1299.00, which I doubt the insurance will come close to.
I want an iPod and a digital SLR. Preferably Nikon, because I've got the lenses and access...oh, wait a minute, no I don't.
They all burned up too.
I like the way Nikons work though, so yeah...a D2x would be nice (though wildly impractical) or a D200 (closer to practicality) with some nice, fast glass.

barrington 08-06-2007 03:26 PM

I want the Canon EOS 350D too.
I played with the 400 in Jessops until the assistant got bored of me.

Mandy 08-06-2007 03:31 PM

I was overbid and decided not to rebid. I'm going to the actual shops to see them today. I may still get a Rebel xt, 8 megapixels. Who really needs 10.1 anyway?

Edit: Although...that bid is now at 635 for the 10 and ends in an hour...

Leonie 08-06-2007 03:57 PM

Give it another try - that's a bargain. Be careful though, I wouldn't be surprised if the price doubled in the last five minutes.

Mandy 08-06-2007 04:09 PM

Yes, that's the only part I hate about eBay. Mainly because I HATE losing, so I often panic and bid like mad for something at the last minute. I wonder what they've put as their maximum bid. There's 20 minutes left.

Mandy 08-06-2007 04:30 PM


I won the 400D for $688. In the stores, that deal is worth over a thousand dollars. I luff eBay!

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