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Ruby 13-01-2007 04:06 AM

Not long too wait
About 5 months or so til the May release date. I don't know if I want to see it in theaters even. I'd rather rent the DVD. I really wish I didn't bother to see the 2nd until the 3rd was out. I thought the second was kind of a crap movie. No where near as good as the first, but I still like anything with pirates or old time periods.

keira fan#1 11-02-2007 04:47 PM

I love the 18th century. And pirates.
I thought all the POTC movies were great.
Keira really knows how to act. Oh and Ruby, since i answered your thread will you answer mine???


littleprincess 16-02-2007 06:40 AM

I agree.. I loved the first one, but the second was quite bad=S I hope the third will be much better!

KapiTa 16-02-2007 02:01 PM

You know, there are too many people who like the 2nd part much more than the 1st:icon_surp I really can't understand why! I think it isn't as stylish (I don't know how to say it correctly in english,sorry) as The Curse, it's so pathetic. In spite of the fact that I like Elizabeth to want Jack, it's nonsense for such a story like POTC (as it began).
But I adore the 18th century too and Keira is so nice wearing clothes of that period!!!
So, let's wait for the third part!

Ruby 30-03-2007 06:20 AM

Well, I didn't like the 2nd because I thought it was getting rather far-fetched and cartoon like. That's a bold statement considering the first had ancient curses and digital zombie skeletons running all over the place.

But I mean, octopii? They're terribly afraid of an octopus? Where are they going with this? The first one was just a classic story, then they went for something much more creative, which was admirable, but it doesn't have the same feeling. I hope the third installment ties up all loose ends and brings it all together nicely.

(btw, what thread would you like to point me to #1 keira fan? I thought the bad grammar in my title scared everyone off.)

jonvane 15-04-2007 04:13 AM

I`m very hopeful with it!!!

I can`t wait it!!!!!

LeonieEdit: I've merged your two posts - please don't double post: if you are the last person to reply to a thread, use the edit button on the bottom right of your post :)

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