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Joana 25-08-2006 04:01 PM

Premiere Magazine PORTUGAL
Hi, I just want to say that Portuguese Premiere has Keira on the cover... inside has 4 pages about her "Keira talks about her Movies"(But in portuguese, of course). If someone wants the scans ask me that I'll send it. OK.

Hazzle 25-08-2006 05:53 PM

Scan away. Just so you know, this would normally go in Keira Knightley Discussion.

But you're new, so understandable enough. Welcome to KKW.

DanMan 25-08-2006 09:57 PM

Welcome and thanks for the info...
Hmmm where is that learn Portuguese in 24 hours CD... :err:

Joana 27-08-2006 11:24 AM

Ok I´ll scan it!

Oh, and thank you!

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