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Pinkfairy 17-07-2004 07:08 AM

The Fashion Thread
I think the Girls Forum wouldn't be complete without a fashion thread. So share, what's your style?

KeirazBabe 17-07-2004 04:52 PM

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Im not quite sure how i'd describe my forum... but i do love my trade mark blue eyeliner hehe :D


Ardnax 17-07-2004 07:19 PM

I love jewels and stuff like that so I often were a lot of jewellery and comfy clothes, a mix.

keira loves lipgloss 17-07-2004 07:39 PM

in winter jeans and jumpers in summer miniskirts and strappy tops i love the whole party look too

narya 17-07-2004 11:28 PM

er...i don't really like to label myself, but my friends say i'm goth or cyber goth.

flipgurl 17-07-2004 11:36 PM

well my fave stores r :
.American Eagle
.Old Navy
.Urban Outfitters

Pinkfairy 17-07-2004 11:57 PM

I love Hollister and Abercrombie. Their clothes actually fit me.
And since I live in Lousiana I can get away with wearing miniskirts halfway through winter.

Julespaxton 18-07-2004 01:12 AM

my god lippy, 11 and already into partying. Watch out therre...

I'm a bit skater punk (had pink hair for a while), a bit 80's (studio 54 era bit) and a bit preppy couture. I love designer clothes, some vintage stuff and also skate labels. Eclectic eh?

KeirazBabe 18-07-2004 01:15 PM

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OOh rainbows and blue are my essential accessories tee hee.. and i never wear dull coloured clothes. im a walking talking rainbow :D


keira loves lipgloss 29-07-2004 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by KeirazBabe
OOh rainbows and blue are my essential accessories tee hee.. and i never wear dull coloured clothes. im a walking talking rainbow :D


love the bracelets meg! :icon_mod:

MeggieHoops 29-07-2004 01:01 PM

I guess you'd call me a really preppy girl...but I'm not, really. Clotheswise I guess I am, but not in attitude.

Anyways, I'm addicted to American Eagle and Ambercrombie like there's no tomorrow.

As for makeup, the ONLY place to shop is Sephora.

CollisionStar 29-07-2004 11:16 PM

I have to say that I agree with Jules. I'm very ecletic. I love rainbow stuff, like Meg, and I guess sometimes I go a little "goth". Black is the main colour in my closet. I swear by tank tops! I love them, plus it's hot here in TX.

I also love hats. I have a great collection of hats. I think I mostly am known for my make up. I always have tannish-gold lids and black eyeliner.

Oº°‘¨Keira freaK¨‘°ºO 30-07-2004 06:39 AM

jeans and a cute T-shirt.. =)

Pygmalion 01-08-2004 09:09 AM

I used to dress like a boy with baggy jeans etc etc etc and then I lost weight (LOTS of weight) went down about 5 trouser sizes, went from a 12 DD to a 10 C (thats a bit depressing, I miss my boobs :( ) and became hippy-fied lol.
In winter I wear multiple skirts over pants and a scarf thats longer than me. I spike my hair up at the back, but it seems everyone's doing that thses days so I'm a-thinking I'll get it ALL cut off.
My gf wants to dye it blonde...seems a bit drastic...

Julespaxton 01-08-2004 03:01 PM

i too am very into the rainbow thing, got a rainbow anklet,
love boy beaters, especially ones that have funny things on the front. like:


entertains me...

anyhow, im also a surfer, so i ride my longboard skateboard everywhere, which requires a certain fashion sense...

Ardnax 01-08-2004 09:55 PM

Those are really funny Jules! I wish I had them.

DefyingGravity 01-08-2004 11:06 PM

I love Rue 21. What a great store.

MeggieHoops 02-08-2004 12:27 AM

As for boutique type stores, my faves are:

Apartment 3, Kitson, Lisa Kline, Curve, Horn, Last Chance, and Everything But Water (dear lord they have the BEST swimsuits ever).

Otherwise, as I think I said before, I'm a strong American Eagle/Abercrombie girl.

Mistikle 22-08-2004 03:52 PM


there's a site/online fashion site magazine, that i love that has tons of new fashion ideas and tons of cool fashion stuff and it's just really fun!!

have fun!!

Kelsey 22-08-2004 04:34 PM

I hate shopping and fall asleep instantly whenever I walk into a store. A girl who hates shopping...wierd I know.

But I shop at Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Forevor 21 (less often though), Aeropostale, Old Navy...blah blah blah... And while in Europe I discovered Zara, which we need to get here. :) Sometimes those stores make it hard though, because I don't wear clothes with brand names on them.

Pygmalion 24-08-2004 12:21 AM

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if I could get away with it I'd wear this all the time!:

sxyme* 29-08-2004 06:31 AM

abercrombie american eagle hollister channel D&G fav.. brands ever my wardrobe is based on those brands :err:

keira_lover 29-08-2004 07:12 AM

Fox Riders Company...........and that's it.

Julespaxton 29-08-2004 01:03 PM

this is your second warning to stay out of the girls thread keira love. one more and you will be put on a 3 day ban.

CollisionStar 01-09-2004 04:28 PM

I love the pink outfit. It cracks me up. Looks like flight attendant. But all the same, I love it.

I've gotten really into wearing military style clothes all cut up.

MeggieHoops 01-09-2004 04:39 PM

You know something? I love Gap. I liked it a few years ago, but then I thought last year everything in there was really ugly, so I stopped shopping there. But yesterday I went and I LOVED the clothes they had. I bought the most ridiculous amount of stuff.

It's also cool cause Sarah Jessica Parker is modelling for them now, and I love her like whoa.

Julespaxton 01-09-2004 04:40 PM

hey sorry to go ot, but collision, the oscar wilde quote in your sig is one of my all time fave quotes everrrr!! just had to say it :)

keira_k#1fan 03-09-2004 02:28 AM

i wear converse(baby blue low tops) roxy or gap jeans, gap, old navy tees and i have tiny boobs for my age(haha its sad)

CollisionStar 16-09-2004 12:23 PM

AWW! I love that quote too. It's awesome.

And to look like I'm being good...Um, I have Gap jeans that are amazing. So yeah. Fashion. Ta da.

Juliamariskamadadh 09-05-2005 02:27 PM

Much like Keira
"I'm traditional in many ways/modern and rather tomboyish(I'll only do a facial)" so my favorite is grunge.:fencing:
Keep up the posts!
luv, Julie:icon_guin

Scaramouche 03-04-2006 11:37 PM

I'm a Bohemian Pirate!!!
I do my own hair and makeup. I am an original.
I also do my friends hair and makeup. this is my cool eye makeup. My eye brows are ugly.... i have to learn to do them. rarr.

once_dreaded 04-04-2006 12:43 AM

Ummm...I'm all about the guys clothes top to bottom...Old Navy is SINFULL...I have to keep myself away or I'll spend all my $$$ in there. The only thing I wear remotely girly is bras because my chest is too big to go "boobless" it's what I call going braless.My style is "metro-butch" :female::female: I wear collared button-down shirts and blue jeans. No gaydar needed to call me out LOL :icon_mod:
:icon_grou :icon_part <~~~~ nephew's 3rd b-day...he wanted party emoticons on this post, sorry have to cater to my lil dude LOL.

Scaramouche 04-04-2006 02:15 AM

yay for gayness! Most people don't think im gay boy... they just think im a girl. hehe

Mandy 04-04-2006 02:46 AM

Yeah, me too...

I haven't gone shopping for clothes in like 2 months. I've got this big empty feeling.

knightleyknews 19-07-2006 03:07 PM

I like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and all those. But I don't have closets full of them, dear god no.

But I am still so attached to Abercrombie like a fat kid loves cake.

Hazzle 19-07-2006 03:48 PM

Two things:

1) Your avatar is animated. Animated avatars are not allowed:


4. Avatars must not exceed 80x80px and 20kb. Signatures must not exceed 300x70 and may be posted no more than once per thread. Text in signatures may not exceed 4 lines. NO ANIMATION is allowed in either graphics.
Please take a mument to read here

2) Whilst it's not a rule, generally bumping of threads several months old is frowned upon. This thread hasn't been posted on in 3 months. Let it die.

Other than that, welcome.

Edit: Heh still loving the "m0m" filter. We should have some more!

knightleyknews 19-07-2006 06:01 PM

Oh sorry, I didn't know.

Spider 19-07-2006 06:31 PM

I'm an indie kid, apparently, and I get most of my clothes from H&M.

acliff 19-07-2006 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by Spider
I'm an indie kid, apparently, and I get most of my clothes from H&M.

You make it sound like a bad thing, most of the girls I know buy a significant amount from H&M. Its a step above Primark at least. (I've mentioned Primark twice today, I think its the goddamn heat)

Hazzle 19-07-2006 09:43 PM


Originally Posted by knightleyknews
Oh sorry, I didn't know.

Don't sweat it. The second thing especially you weren't to know (as it's not in the rules) and sometimes the old threads so revived can become fun.

Cliff's right, most of the girls I know shop a lot in H&M too. It's not bad.

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