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dave 18-10-2010 08:27 AM

What a sad way to end such an interesting and fun conversation... *Bump*

Hazzle 07-04-2011 11:18 AM

Yeah...whatever happened to that Haz fella? He was kinda dreamy...

Mandy 12-04-2011 05:23 PM

Did we ever find out what happened to Ranman?

Foeni 12-04-2011 09:26 PM

He was undergoing surgery as far as I know and no one has been able to get in touch with him since...

dave 13-04-2011 01:29 AM

How long has it been since the surgery? In other words, has it been long enough that we should worry, or call his family?

Foeni 13-04-2011 10:30 PM

He hasn't been online for around 2― years..

Mandy 14-04-2011 05:40 AM

Doesn't really help that we didn't really know that much about him...Did anyone know his last name? You know, to look stuff up? I heard something about that Google internet thing.

dave 14-04-2011 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by Foeni (Post 92770)
He hasn't been online for around 2― years..

That is hard to believe... But, Last Activity: 27-07-2008 05:16 PM
I'm betting that it is going to be harder than Google. Every website gets a listing of the IP address that we log on from. But two and a half years ago, you'ld have to be really anal to still have that list. But if we do, that will probably give a street address or a name. I'm thinking if you tried to backtrace me, right now, you'ld get to dynamic-dns and that would be it. But if you chased down , and I'm fairly sure my website is on here somewhere, that gets you my street address & name. Though my name isn't hard to find. Oh, if you Google my signature you'll find me. Did Ranman have any regular signatures?

Foeni 14-04-2011 09:15 PM

Mandy, if you log on the mod/admin board you can see his last name in his e-mail adress.
Dave, we can se his IP..

dave 14-04-2011 09:52 PM


Originally Posted by Foeni (Post 92773)
Mandy, if you log on the mod/admin board you can see his last name in his e-mail adress.
Dave, we can see his IP..

There are a dozen ways to turn the IP into a machine name, but one of the easiest doesn't take any special privileges. Just try a "traceroute" to that IP address. You'll see the route that a packet takes "today" to get to that machine and at the end it will print out the name of the machine (I think I remember it working that way.) Then you can go to tucows or any other place that sells Domain names and try and buy that domain name. That will fail, but they will tell you the contact information for that domain, (i.e. name, phone number, & address.) Odds are good that it will only be an ISP, but that will give you a city, etc and with the Last name, you're probably there.

However, why doesn't somebody cute, like Mandy, just send a note to that e-mail address as a first order test? Actually, unless he has turned that stuff off, he's already getting a copy of everything we are saying in his e-mail. I do.

Mandy 15-04-2011 01:08 AM


Originally Posted by Foeni (Post 92773)
Mandy, if you log on the mod/admin board you can see his last name in his e-mail adress.
Dave, we can se his IP..

Yeah, but an IP means nothing to me if I have no idea who someone is. Lol.

did anyone know his last name?

Foeni 15-04-2011 12:15 PM

Heh, I was talking about his last name :)
Shabert or Chabert, I believe..

See the PM I sent you btw :)

eelliiinn 16-04-2011 01:09 AM

I did actually send him one or two e-mails, that was like 2 years ago though, but yeah no reply...

Hazzle 16-04-2011 10:54 AM

So that's who Randy Chabert is! Facebook keeps suggesting him as "someone you might know". I'll see if I can get in contact with him on there.

Foeni 16-04-2011 03:18 PM

I tried adding him, but without any luck..

Hazzle 01-05-2011 05:18 PM

So far that's been my experience too. It's not looking good.

dave 04-01-2012 07:55 AM

Looking for Ranman
*Bump* It's been another year...

Jean Grey the fox 05-01-2012 04:59 AM

Ok... Cheating huh
I think to cheat someone is a funny thing, only if you think about it you are cheating... so what to do?, well i think is better to give than to cheat... something to remember is more important than a kid or even a present, maybe expending time with the person... For example, to find someone, is not by look but but by heart, itīs easy to mess up with your own head and belive wrong things beacause is harder to face the truth. i do belive in faith but i also belive in his voice, or feeling, if you are not sure, do not think twice, when is a matter of money think how many times you want (still not right for me) when is a matter of heart if you have to think itīs not. thatīs how you find the person i think, but as i said, itīs better not to look for boy/girl-friend, itīs better just to look for a friend no matter the sex, whatīs the reason to look upon the sex, itīs like when you have a son, do you expect any sex. Of course not, both are beautyfull, you can love your sex not being a gay.

Well about the relationship and cheating i think that the cheat sometimes happens because the relationship is broked, the respect is lost, the relationship stops, is faded, one or both fault, surely if one fault the other surely too. The thing is to belive in the other person. The realationship is end when you both get hurted. You can still love without contact. And at last but not least, itīs gods decition if a cheat happens or not, and if a realationship ends or not. Itīs important to go to the church and to really belive in votes, when you are married is something different, you can never cheat, you know by heart that you are married under God eye, sooo, do not. And here does exist the responsability for the third guy. But yet, god is right and neccesary, so if you get something and you are not happy, do not blame god or anyone it is what you deserve, try to change next time or maybe you have learned something more important, anyway, still follow the light on life if not how will you follow the light next life.

Nasemkine 14-04-2012 12:44 PM

Thanx for our help! Will read the documents suggested.

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